January 1, 2010

Two big pieces of news here:

1. - We got the "Might Could Have" CD on Pandora. Just go to and at the place where it tells you to put in an artist or song, put in "Tee Templeton" and they'll play a song from the CD and then related artists.

2. Gig at Tea Lounge, Friday, January 21st. This is my first gig in 3-4 years, so it's a biggie for me and it's a great laid back place. Go to Dates link above and there will be directions, etc.


September 1, 2010

Well this certainly doesn't sound like exciting news but we cancelled the gig for September 4. They wanted to charge too much and we just weren't into that. So I'm working on a bunch of video material that hopefully will be up over the next month and I'll be looking towards some gigs in October and November.


August 7, 2010

Hello….first entry here on the news page. Bunch of things are going on. I did the "Might Could Have" CD 6 years ago now and then feel like I almost fell off the face of the planet as far as this work is concerned. Well I was able to muster up enough gravity to keep me here and now I'm on trying to get this project out of ICU and moving forward. So what are the main things going on?

- Manager - a really good friend wanted to get involved to help me get things rolling, so we're teaming up to see what we can pull off. We're having a blast and we both feel some cool stuff's going to happen.

- 1st gig in 3 years - Gig at Bar East Ale House. See dates link above.

- New CD - Beginning work on a new CD hopefully to come out next year. Right now we're sort of overwhelmed with pulling everything together so there's no date on it right now. I've already got the songs for it though. I could put out a double album with all the songs I've written since 6 years ago.

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