Tee Templeton was born in Mississippi. Weaned on Elvis. Discovered Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Blue Oyster Cult and Neil Young in highschool and started writing songs. For a while thought New Wave was the coolest ever. Moved to North Carolina got into indie alt-rock...pixies, violent femmes, replacements and a host of Chapel Hill bands. Formed Mudluscious and after 4 gigs and favorable reviews in Alternative Press and Billboard magazines it folded. Fell in love with electronica...chemical bros, future sound of london. Bought a bunch of analog gear and created soundscapes. Got in a band called Astronauts of Antiquity....groove, dub bass, pads and samples with an Indian flare with tablas and sitar. Moved to NYC to find himself. Not recommended. But he got into Beck, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, Wilco, and early Dylan. Through all of what transpired in the NYC experiment the CD "might could have" popped out. Back to the roots....acoustic guitar, piano, and other instruments. The CD could be best described as alt-folk, mixed-genre, torch songs. It's the culmination of a life of fickle influences and words that leaked out of a broken heart.

Within the last few years he played guitar and back up vocals for the power pop band Noblesse Oblige and got the opportunity to play in lots of venues in NYC. In constant creative and musical plow-ahead momentum, Tee is in the midst of two projects. One is the singer-songwriter front where he is recording and performing songs he has written in the past 8 years in NYC. Feel free to check out a couple of those tunes on the "music" link above. On the other front he is pulling together songs with friends Jeff Strickland and Chris Bowman in a psychodelic, bluesy, grunge, pop band. You can check out the raw seed pieces of that effort at www.myspace.com/ivehadheadinjuries.

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